Would totally take to the movies.
Two Otters React To A Hot-Air Popcorn Popper

This is a video of otters Hana and Kotaro reacting to popcorn being made in a hot-air popper. At first they’re curious, then they’re a bit scared of it (one keeps running upstairs then diving under the sofa), but in the end they aren’t even into the popcorn that was made. That was surprising to me, because I feel like I really relate to otters, and I love hot-air popped popcorn. I don’t even make microwave popcorn, I only hot-air pop it, and only kernels grown in Northern Indiana by an Amish family that’s been doing it for generations. I guess *straightening Orville Redenbacher style bow tie* you could call me a bit of a popcorn snob. “Nobody is going to call you that.” Honey! “Settle for dork instead?” Come on, I’m trying to develop a more haughty persona. “He ate two store-brand bags of microwave popcorn for lunch anyways.” Dammit! Dammit dammit dammit.