Oh hell no -- get him, Beast!
Gaston Coldly Roasts Woman Who Asks Him Out At Disney World

This is a video from Disney World where a woman tells Gaston that her boyfriend recently broke up with her, and asks him out. His response? Sorry, but he’s looking for the MOST beautiful woman in town. Ouch. I feel like I may need to be treated for third-degree burns and I wasn’t even anywhere near that fire. I mean, sure, Megatron roasting visitors at Universal Studios seems appropriate, but Gaston at Disney World? You think Disney slapped him with some sort of disciplinary action for such a severe burn? “Gentle roasting only,” I imagine Mickey reminding Gaston in his squeaky voice. I mean this — this is like the Evil Queen asking her magic mirror who’s the fairest of them all and it just laughing at her and telling her she’s not even top twenty before shattering itself on the floor so it doesn’t have to answer any more stupid questions.


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♬ original sound – Steph Swift