Vroom vroom!
What It Looks Like Getting Passed On The Autobahn By Car Doing 206MPH

SPOILER: Like you’re standing still.

This is a video from a Mercedes C-class cabriolet going between 70km/h – 80/km/h (~44MPH – 50MPH) on Germany’s Autobahn repeatedly getting passed by a Mercedes AMG E63 S Wagon gunning it up to 332km/h (~206MPH). There’s also footage from the Wagon’s point of view. Man, that is fast. TOO fast. Honestly don’t feel comfortable at any speed over 50MPH, and of course as fate would have it my girlfriend has a lead foot. You know those little hooks in cars designed for hanging dry cleaning? I’ve torn them all off trying to hold on to things in terror. Same goes for the rear-view mirror, which makes her driving that much scarier.

Keep going for the video, first real passing is after 0:15. Cool frozen-for-a-second blastoff edit after 0:45.