Girl Passes Out 12 Times On Slingshot Ride, Always Wakes Up In Pure Panic

This is a video of Kiana Breakspear riding a slingshot ride with her sister in Bali (there are slingshot rides in Bali? I assumed it was all picturesque beaches and not a carnival), and her sister managing to pass out a very respectable 12 TIMES in 2 minutes, always waking up in pure panic mode. Now that is impressive, and has to be a new world record. A round of applause for Kiana’s sister, everyone, she did it!

@kianabreakspear She passed out 12 times in 2 minutes hahahhahahaha #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #bali #balitravel #slingshotclub #slingshotking #legianbali ♬ original sound – Kiana Breakspear

Thanks to Ella F, who informed me she can’t wait to see what sort of record she sets on the teapcups at Disney.