Yeah that's a firm no from me.
Glacial Shower Head Adds A Block Of Ice To Your Cold Shower

Because some people are sicker than others, there’s currently an active Kickstarter for the ~$70 Glacial Shower, a shower head that allows you to place a solid block of ice (ice mold included) inside so you can take showers even colder than your cold water alone will allow. I don’t know about you, but my penis is already reaching for the hot water knob just thinking about it.

Problem: Unless you live in Alaska your “Cold Shower” is not that cold, probably just “Cool” or, “Luke Warm.”

Solution: The Solid Block Of ICE inside the Glacial Shower 2 in 1 Head. Add that Solid BLOCK of ICE when you want to feel the full BENEFITS of Ice Chilled Water in your Shower!

I’ll be honest, as a non-athlete the only benefit I can see to taking cold showers is saving on my water bill, because I wouldn’t be taking any more showers. If it’s a cold shower or no shower, I’m just adding another layer of cheap cologne. Then I’d also save on dates because my girlfriend would almost certainly leave me. She already complains about the way I smell and I shower twice a day. Okay, okay — I sit in the shower twice a day, I don’t actually do any soaping or scrubbing.