WTF, Willy Wonka?!
Yikes!: Chocolate Fountain Activates Attack Mode

This is a short video of a chocolate fountain just sitting there doing its thing when it suddenly feels threatened and enters attack mode. Man…I wish the person filming didn’t cut the video when they did because I really wanted to see the aftermath, which I can only assume looked the crime scene from a turd that was brutally murdered. “Why buy a chocolate fountain when you can just make one yourself, huh?!” I imagine a wife angrily asking her husband while fighting back tears in her now chocolate covered birthday dress.

Note: You’ll probably need to click through to Reddit to see the whole video (the embed cuts the top off), which is worth it. There is also volume.

Attack mode from r/Wellthatsucks

Thanks to my dad, who agrees that room will now forever be known as the chocolate room, and smell like it.