She's alive!
Goth Prom Date Arrives At Dance In Coffin In Back Of Hearse

Because there’s no such thing as over the top when prom is concerned (that can’t be right), this is a video of a couple arriving for the big dance with the girl exiting a coffin from the back of a hearse. I have officially seen it all. Do one of their parents own the local funeral home or something? Or maybe with the marvel of modern medicine funeral homes are being forced to explore alternative revenue streams while waiting for people to die. How much to drop me off for work on Monday in a coffin? *to my coworkers in the break room* Get it?! Because I’m dead. WHO ATE ALL THE BAGELS?! Call that hearse back here, we’re gonna need it.

@kendallrayann so entirely grateful for my lover &lt3 #hearse #hearsingaround #coffin #vampire @Sylis Williams #prom2024 ♬ If It Means a Lot to You (Live at TAC) – A Day To Remember