Pork chop sandwiches?!
Mom Makes Delicious Looking Pasta Dinner, Realizes Grave Mistake Afterwards

This is a video from a woman whose mother made a delicious looking pasta dinner only to realize towards the end of the process that the new olive oil she bought online wasn’t olive oil at all, but olive body wash. I assumed the video was fake at first because who the hell can’t tell cooking oil from body wash (the smell, the viscosity, the bubbles?), but after watching her mom’s reaction I now believe she actually did this. Also, LOVE the fanny pack. Next time try to fit some more common sense in there. This is why it’s important to taste the food you’re cooking every single step of the way. Here, taste this. “What is it?” Raw chicken.

@janeandthekillerqueens Pure Greek “olive oil” count your days #cookingfails ♬ original sound – Jane and The Killer Queens