Guitarist Makes Heavy Metal Song Out Of Televangelist’s Holy Banishment Of COVID-19

Because the Lord works in mysterious ways, this is a video of guitarist André Atunes (sweet last name for a musician) turning televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s very spirited execution of judgement on COVID-19 and its banishment from the US into a surprisingly good heavy metal song. You may recall that Copeland, who’s personally worth $300-million, claimed early this year that the pandemic would be over almost as soon as it started, that he could cure his followers if they contracted COVID, and that even if they lose their jobs as a result of the pandemic they should still pay their tithes. Oh — and that he’s since destroyed the virus and ended the pandemic. *looks around* Checks out. I bet he’s also responsible for bringing the McRib back.

Keep going for the video, but skip to 0:40 for the song to start.