Cool now make the monitor look like a painting on the wall
Guy Builds ‘Invisible’ Computer Inside Table

This is a video of very capable builder of things and Youtuber DIY Perks constructing a computer inside a table for an ultra-clean look. He kinda reminds me of Theon Greyjoy. Some timestamps to help you navigate the almost 30-minute long video while I build a PC in the bottom of my wastebasket, completely invisible to thieves:

00:00 – Introduction
01:44 – Outer Shell
04:46 – Component Prep
09:01 – Hardwood Illusion
16:04 – Final Component Mounting
17:31 – Cooling System
19:32 – Bottom Panel
22:17 – Thermals and Sound Tests

Admittedly, pretty cool. I just wish I’d thought about this before I built my last computer. It’s just a big ugly tower. Plus it doesn’t always work. Okay, technically it’s never worked. Hell of a $1,100 doorstop though.