Your love: it's dead now.
Bad Day?: Guy Drops All His Valentine’s Day Presents

If you thought you had a bad Valentine’s Day, this is some apartment lobby security cam footage of TikTok user chemaelgoofy trying to bring flowers, a balloon, and chocolate covered strawberries into the building, when his balloon gets stuck in the door, and things quickly unravel from there, leaving him with a popped balloon, and both flowers and chocolates on the floor. That sucks. No word how many times he’s managed to bring all the groceries inside in a single trip, but my guess is zero. I don’t know, maybe this is God’s way of telling hom he doesn’t want this relationship to work out. You know, God has sent me similar hints before (I got struck by lightning leaning in for a kiss once).

@chemaelgoofy Original audio (with all the pain and heartache in my voice) for you lovely sadists. Audio original #vday #valentinesday #vdayfail #fail #sadaudio #noooo ♬ original sound – Chema

@chemaelgoofy Valentine’s Day fail #vday #valentinesday #vdayfail ♬ Everybody Hurts – R.E.M.

Keep going for two videos: a shorter cut with original audio, and an extended cut with R.E.M.’s ‘Everybody Hurts’ as the soundtrack.

Thanks to JustA, who got flowers, two cards, AND a necklace for Valentine’s Day. I did good, unlike this guy.