Cool Hobbit hole.
Guy Makes Perfect Flying Superman Punch At Sister’s Phone

This is a video from TikTok user Becky Robins of her brother kicking off his sandals and leaping through the door of their Hobbit-hole, making a perfect flying superman punch at her phone, presumably after she made fun of how long he spends in the bathroom. Honestly, even with all the CG in the world you couldn’t recreate a better flying punch. This is like, textbook. Remember those things? Do kids even use them in school anymore, or is everything digital? Because the thought of a student not having the old biology book I spent hours drawing penises on all the images inside breaks my heart. Didn’t know amoebas had penises? In my book they did!

@user3020219292 impressed i survived this #fyp#foryou#siblings#brother ♬ original sound – Becky Robins

Note: Video HERE in case the above embed doesn’t load.

Thanks again to JustA, who agrees what are siblings for if not for tormenting/being tormented by?