Man Discovers Where His Dog Peed On The Floor

This is some home security cam footage of a man returning home from work to discover his dog Bo isn’t waiting for him at the door, which can only mean one thing: Bo peed on the floor somewhere and has gone into hiding. Where did Bo pee? The man quickly — and painfully — finds out. Dogs, am I right? “What about them?” They’re great for pointing the finger at when I pee on the floor.

@chip2k13 Man’s best friend, am I right? 🙃#GhostPhotoshoot #QuickRecipes #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Rowdy 🤠

Note: video HERE in case this series of tubes screws something up on the embed.

Thanks to JustA, who doesn’t even know I had to pick a dingleberry off Margaret’s butt this morning after I took them outside.