Yes, that one finger does look like a penis.
Guy Makes PVC Instrument That Sounds Like Popping Your Finger Out The Top Of A Bottle

Music: it’s all around us. Except in an airport bathroom, those are just farts. This is a video of musician Nicolas Bras building a four and a half octave PVC percussion instrument to recreate the sound of popping a finger out of your cheek or the top of a bottle, so he can play Hot Butter’s recording of ‘Popcorn’ the way it was clearly intended to be. Unfortunately, it takes so long to stick a finger in a pipe and pop it to produce a note that the song has to be edited together from pieces instead of doing it live, although there’s no doubt in my mind Bill O’Reilly could have gotten pissed and done it.

Keep going for the video (song begins at 4:23), followed by the original for reference.