Below: My Valentine's breakfast.
Help Keep Born In Space Alive

After several emails expressing an annoyance with the ads between page loads (believe me, I get it), I’ve removed them all, as well as scaled back all advertising on the site, which means the site will now be making even less than it was before, which was already next to nothing. These aren’t the golden days of internet advertising like when Geekologie was in its prime. BACKSTORY: After the pandemic hit, Geekologie couldn’t afford to pay me any longer, and I started Born In Space as a side project so I’d still have an outlet to keep myself sane. My point is this: I have to bathe in buckets and steal internet from my neighbors. If you’d like to contribute to help keep the site alive and above water (like that selfish Rose in Titanic) please consider making a monthly donation via the site’s Patreon (link in header bar above or HERE) or a one time contribution (or as often as you’re drunk and feeling philanthropic) via Paypal ([email protected]). Also, don’t ever hesitate to write me with any comments/complaints/suggestions. Remember: we’ll always have each other, and those two or three articles you kinda sorta thought were half funny.