There, I fixed it.
Highly Unorthodox Solutions To Broken Car Doors

This is a video of a man demonstrating some very novel solutions to car doors that have completely broken off and/or won’t close. I’m not gonna lie, this guy puts McGyver to shame. Sure none of these solutions would probably pass inspection here, but that’s why I know a guy. I mean my car is basically the Flintmobile, but I’ve got a up-to-date sticker, don’t I? “That says 2018.” Whatever, did you see my bumper sticker? “‘IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE WAY I DRIVE, STAY OFF THE SIDEWALK.'” Still the best bumper sticker of all time. Accurate too.

Thanks again to my dad, who, for three tips in one day, receives a gold star sticker. Wear it proudly! Show Frank, make him jealous.