Nailed it.
Home’s Entirely Inappropriate ‘LE TITS NOW’ (‘LET IT SNOW’) Holiday Decorating

Proving you don’t have to be mature to own a home (only fiscally responsible), this is a shot of a Eugene, Oregon home’s ‘JESUS LE TITS NOW’ holiday decorating. You would have a hard time arguing this was done by accident, and you would still lose. I assume it’s a reference to the SNL Jeopardy sketch (embedded below) where Sean Connery misreads all the clue categories, including ‘LET IT SNOW’ as ‘LE TITS NOW’. Regardless, there’s no doubt in my mind this landed the homeowner right on Santa’s naughty list, which, based on their message, is right where they like to be.

Thanks to my dad, who knows a good tip when he sends one, and it doesn’t get much better than le tits now.