Well he's not wrong.
Honest Answers: Kid’s Reaction To Money Counting Math Problem

This is a short and sweet video of Pax answering a money counting math problem about Jayden’s current financial situation. Some more info while I fondly remember all the plastic pennies and nickels I ate while learning money counting in eighth grade:

“Pax was doing math in homeschool where they’re learning to count money. He recognized that the math question had a familiar name, Jayden, which is also his cousin’s name. His aunt was his learning coach at the time and she knew that he would get excited about seeing Jayden’s name so she decided to record him so that his mother, could see his excitement. He got excited and continued to read the question and followed with that hilarious answer.”

His answer is perfect, but his laugh afterwards — his laugh is even more perfect. A+ for both accuracy and enthusiasm. Now get up here and claim a smiley face sticker, you’ve earned it!