Holy smokes!
Incredible Drummer Performs While Dancing And Doing Stick Tricks

Note: Just watch the video, you’ll be amazed or I’ll go back in time and give you your 54 seconds back.

This is a video of musician Timothy Fletcher (Instagram, TikTok) performing to Juvenile’s 1998 banger ‘Back That Azz Up’ on a snare drum with about as much extra flair as superhumanly possible, dancing and performing stick tricks the entire time. Now those are some skills. Me? I’m still trying to find something I’m good at, but so far all I’ve got is ‘making a list of things I’m terrible at even longer’.

@timothyfletcher_ “Aye Girl can you…….😏” I SNAPPED ON THIS!!! #juvinile #timothyfletcher #beats #litty #backthatazzup #trums #drums ♬ original sound – Timothy Fletcher