When in doubt, caulk it.
Inspector Calls Out All The Unacceptable, Cheap Fixes Builder Made On $500,000 Home

Because fake it till you make it, this is a video of a home inspector detailing all the cheap fixes a builder made while constructing a $500,000 home in Tennessee. I think my favorite is the water heater sitting on a wooden pallet. Now that’s just ingenuity at its finest if you ask me.

This list includes lots of caulk around fixtures that are either broken or not even attached to the house at all, uneven flooring, loose railings, a garage opener that was installed but not attached, a dangerous support for a water heater, and loose electrical outlets.

So, do you want a start our own home construction company or what? From what I gathered from the video all you really need is a ton of silicone caulk. That combined with my already extensive knowledge of half-assed duct tape fixes and we’ll be the cover story in Architecture Digest before the end of the year!