I would have pretended to pass out for extra realism.
Instructor Surprises Student By Letting Him Land Plane On First Flight

Note: Some appropriate excitement and colorful language following the landing.

This is a video of flight instructor Kilo Tango Aviation flying with student LeoStixx86 for the first time outside a simulator and surprising him by letting him land the plane. Some more details while I tighten the shoulder straps on my EDC parachute:

This was @LeoStixx86 first time practice landing an airplane outside of the sim. I told him I was going to demonstrate the first one for him… but I changed my mind and let him take it all the way in.

Me? I would have panicked, aborted the landing, then tried landing on a busy highway in the middle of rush hour traffic instead. I’m not that cool under pressure. I sweat a lot too, even when I’m not stressed. My girlfriend says I’m like hugging a warm sponge.