I'm flying, Jack Nicklaus!
Jetson ONE Personal Electric Flying Vehicle Gets A Sizzle Reel

The future: it’s almost here. Sure Back To The Future II totally lied to us and I’m still bitter about it, but enough about the angry letters I write to Robert Zemeckis, this is a sizzle reel for the Jetson ONE all-electric personal flying vehicle filmed at a golf course. The units are available for pre-order now with $22,000 down and a total cost of $92,000. Jetson ONEs weigh a scant 190-pounds (impressive!), and can reach speeds of up to 62MPH with a 20-minute battery life. Granted that’s not a very long battery life, but if you gun it to top speed immediately you should be able to get about 20 miles before crashing into some power lines trying to make an emergency landing before the rotors stop.