Damn, Hulk, calm down.
Man Attempts To Open Frozen Truck Door Handle, Tears It Off Instead

This is a video of a man who lives somewhere cold in the winter (I’m a master detective) trying to open the frozen door handle of his truck. Things do not go according to plan, that plan being opening the door without event. Now I’m all for giving people a hard time, but I wouldn’t beat myself up over this. This was clearly the handle’s fault. That ice should break long before a door handle ever should. I demand a safety recall. That handle failed to do its job, and it only had ONE job. For reference, I always fail to do my job, and I have tons of jobs. Letting a whole lot of people down right now.

@drewphillips123 That didn’t go as planned 😅 #broke#ice#frozen#whoops#badidea#mf#justanotherday#damn ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Thanks to JustA, who agrees it’s fun to climb in through the passenger side door anyways.