*very quiet pew pew pews*
John Wick: Chapter 2’s Silencer Pistol Fight With More Realistic Sounds

Because realism is only an afterthought in action movies, this is a video of the silencer pistol fight from John Wick: Chapter 2 edited by Youtuber Robot_ninja_pirate with more realistic silenced pistol sounds. Is it accurate? Probably not. Is it MORE accurate? Probably yes. I also included the original scene for reference, which is so quiet it reminds me of when my girlfriend is yelling at me for not doing any of the chores I said I would while she was at work but I can’t hear her and can only see her mouth moving and the spittle being ejected because I’m wearing noise-canceling headphones and playing video games and, wait — what’s up with all the luggage by the front door?