It's like she's taunting them.
Little Girl Playing T-Ball Performs Cartwheel On Way To First Base

Because, no matter what you’re doing, there’s always room to add a little flair, this is a video of 6-year old Mattea DiGirolamo performing a cartwheel on her run to first base during a recent t-ball game, while six members of the opposing team fail to pick up the ball. According to her father Sal, “I am really proud of her for being herself and having fun in the moment that was captured so perfectly. It really shows how special her personality is, and I am glad she put a smile on so many faces.” In addition to her t-ball skills, Mattea also practices gymnastics (hence the cartwheel), is a yellow belt in karate, and recently received a Girl Scout Cookie top seller award. Clearly, little Mattea is going places — and probably cartwheeling the whole way.