Bonus points for the sick wind-up punch.
Little Kid Picks A Fight With Inflatable Santa, Throws Cartoon Style Wind-Up Punch

Presumably still pissed about the stocking full of coal he received last year, this is a video of a little kid beating up his family’s inflatable Santa Christmas decoration, complete with cartoon-style wind-up punch to start the fight. He even throws in a brutal body slam before turning his attention to an inflatable snowman. Hoho, a tag-team fight! I assume it’s Santa and Frosty in one corner versus this kid and all the other boys and girls on the naughty list in the other. I can’t wait to see Santa swinging that bag of his like a helicopter and just send kids flying!

Thanks again to JustA, who, for three tips in a day, receives yet another gold star sticker. Where are you putting them all anyways? We live together and I’ve never even seen one.