I, uh, I think the mushrooms are kicking in.
Mama Mia!: Super Mario World At Universal Japan Gets Flyover, Look At Mario Kart Ride

Nearing completion, these are several videos of Universal Studio Japan’s Super Mario World area (including a helicopter flyover), set for a grand opening on February 4th, 2021. It looks awesome. I know Universal Hollywood and Orlando are also getting their own Super Mario Worlds, opening at later dates. Apparently the highlight ride of the area will be Mario Kart: Koopa’s challenge, an augmented reality roller coaster style ride that’s been six years in development. A little more info about that while I hook up my N64 and daydream about being able to visit some day:

The cars do have steering wheels, and multiple vehicles can race alongside each other, but it sounds like the ride itself is on rails. It’s not guaranteed that you win the race — there’s an element of throwing power-ups from item boxes, and the experience will be different each time you ride, according to USJ.

After the success of the initial Super Mario World area (they’re going to make money white-gloved hand over white-gloved fist), it will be expanded in the future with a Donkey Kong themed area, which is already under construction. Obviously, after that they better build a Zelda expansion so my life can be complete. Will I have my still-smoldering ashes scattered there? Because the human cannon I’ve been secretly constructing next door so I can get in without paying says yes!

Keep going for the official promo video, followed by the flyover and a closeup look at the Mario Kart ride (the second Twitter video).