20,000,000 years older than earth
Man Crafting Ring From 4,566,300,000 Year Old Meteorite

This is a video of Youtuber and meteorite ring maker David Windestal crafting a beautiful ring from a 4,566,300,000 year old (20,000,000 years older than earth) iron Muonionalusta meteorite with a very distinct Widmanstätten pattern. If you’re interested in a similar ring, David actually has some pre-made ones available starting at $800, and makes customs for ~$900 – $1,150. I want one. What sort of stat buffs do you get while wearing a meteorite ring anyways? Because I could really use an increase in– “Penis.” What? No — luck. I could never roll anything but a 1 for penis and still have more than enough to defeat an orc horde. You remember that old lady in the vintage Wendy’s commercials? “She was looking for you.” There’s no question.

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  1. Steve Spivey

    There is no scientific way to determine the age of a meteorite, nor can you know how long it has been on Earth.

    Also, it isn’t that hard to make a “meteorite” just melt the metal, then allow to cool very, very slowly. This gives it time to grow the long crystals.

  2. James Mcelroy

    That’s a pretty sweet ring, but it seems a shame to waste so much of it when making a ring by stock reduction. Perhaps a pendant would be a better option to retain as much material as possible.