"Nah, you're delayed."
Man Has Meltdown As Brother Trolls Him To Make Boomerang Video

Note: Some colorful language.

In what quite possibly be the best video I’ve ever seen in my life news, this is a clip of TikTok user Luke O’Halloran trolling his brother Scott, telling him he’s trying to make the perfect Boomerang video of them cheersing when he’s really just recording him progressively lose his mind the whole time. I like how quickly Scott can put on a smiling face despite the fact he wants to choke his brother out. I know the feeling. Of getting choked out, just so we’re clear. Ever since COVID Fight Club has gotten nuts.

@lukeeohalloran Watch my brother go from 0 to 100 🪃 @scottoscotto #fyp #funny #prank #boomerang #brother #family #gay #fashion #fail ♬ original sound – Luke O'Halloran

Note: TikTok video HERE in case your browser hates a good time.

Thanks to JustA, who agrees siblings were made for trolling.