So you're not supposed to just use a hammer is what you're telling me.
Man’s Quest To Solve A $30,000 Puzzle Box

This is a video of magician and puzzle solver Chris Ramsay solving a $30,000 puzzle box created by Paris-based maker of puzzle boxes, “connected objects and mechanical mechanisms,” augmented reality, and escape rooms Labsterium. The box has all sorts of different puzzles that all have to be solved to reveal the box’s prizes at the end, a lot of which involve scanning various pieces for augmented reality clues via a smartphone. It really is super cool, although it only takes Chris a little over four hours to completely solve the box, leaving me wondering if for $30,000 you’re really getting your money’s worth. For reference, I paid $60 for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, am 40 hours in, and haven’t even beat the story yet, let alone earned the platinum trophy. So what’s a better value? You do the math. I’m serious, I suck at math but *crunching numbers* I think it might actually be the puzzle box.