Oh heck yeah, look at those marimbas dance!
Marimba Band’s Award Winning Performance

This is a video of Zimbabwe’s Hillcrest College Marimba Band performing at the 2017 Marimba Cup Challenge. Their performance won them the coveted Marimba Cup that year, which, at least in my mind, they all shared a celebratory drink out of afterwards. It really is a joy to watch. There’s dancing, there’s singing, and there’s some of the best — and most spirited — marimba playing I’ve ever seen. This will definitely be at the top of my weekend playlist, and if anybody at the Labor Day party doesn’t like it, too bad. I mean I’m already crashing a barbecue I wasn’t invited to, you think I care if they don’t like the music I’m playing?

Keep going for this contest-winning performance, as well as another from the following year.