How do you do, fellow cats?
I’m One Of You: Baby Goat Grows Up Thinking Its A Cat

This is a video documenting the life of Lily, a baby goat that was rejected by her mother at birth (she was the smallest of triplets) and surrendered to the Friendly Family Fields Farm in North Carolina. She was only five days old and two pounds when she was taken in, but quickly made her way around the home trying to find more of her own, starting with a rabbit named Lawrence. After Lawrence sadly informed her she wasn’t a rabbit, a long-haired house cat named Bean took her under his paw, and she’s been a cat every since. How precious is that? And I can relate, I was actually raised by wolves, so until I was sixteen I thought I was a wolf. “You weren’t raised by wolves.” You’re right, they were foxes, and I’m sorry for eating all your chickens.