Fire in the hole!
World’s Largest T-Shirt Cannon Is Capable Of Shooting Shirts Out Of The Stadium

This is a video of ex-NASA engineer Mark Rober (previously: his new and improved anti-porch pirate glitter bomb) constructing the world’s most powerful t-shirt cannon at the request of Jimmy Kimmel for use at the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl game of Oregon State vs Utah State. Mark enlisted the help of young techie Anthony, who was recently on the local news for developing a ventilator out of LEGO, where the aspiring engineer expressed an interest in doing a collaboration with Mark, and Mark made it happen, with Anthony designing the cannon, and Mark building it. The result is pretty impressive, and manages to shoot a t-shirt clear over all the stadium’s seating, where I assume it landed in the $22 beer of someone just leaving the concessions line.

Keep going for the video, but actual cannon shot is around 14:00.