That's gonna leave a mark.
Motocross Rider Lands Directly On Top Of Another After Jump

This is some first person helmet-cam footage from a motocross rider who, after successfully navigating his way past rider #69, witnesses another racer land directly on top of another after a jump. Details at 11:

At an off-road race track in Orlando, Florida, one of the riders missed a shift after a ramp jump and had to slow down at the last minute. Another rider following him had nowhere else to go and landed on top of him. Luckily, both were okay and walked away from the race track after the crash.

Whew, both were okay and able to walk away. That’s a relief. I bet that did leave a mark though. Speaking of marks *lifting hair from forehead* I auditioned for the part of Harry Potter because I have a similar scar, but I didn’t get the role because– “You have zero acting experience.” Well, that, and– “It looks more like a penis than a lightning bolt.” Burnt myself with a curling iron trying to give myself cool bangs for a music video.