That wore me out, where's the chairlift simulator?
High Tech Ski And Snowboard Simulator: My Body Hurts Just Watching

These are a couple short videos demonstrating a high tech ski and snowboard simulator at the Sachinoyu Hotel in central Japan. The machine is for use by guests for training purposes prior to hitting the slopes outside. Some more info about the machine while I convince myself the only training I need before attempting any sport is three Red Bull and vodkas:

As shown in the above video, the machine can simulate both skiing and snowboarding, and a display provides detailed biomechanical feedback by measuring data such as the angle of the skis/snowboard and the amount of weight the rider is placing on different points. By configuring parameters to simulate different qualities of snow and other conditions, the session can be adjusted to match the user’s skill level, making it a fun and educational experience for beginners and advanced skiers/snowboarders, as well as adults and kids alike.

Pretty cool. And by pretty cool I mean there’s no question if I tried this simulator that I would be leaving the virtual snowboarding slope on a stretcher, probably wearing a neck brace, and possibly carrying one of my own legs in my lap.