My Evil Lair Demands It: The Skull Toilet (With Speaker And LED Eyes)

The Water Throne is a skull shaped toilet with integrated LED eyes (choose a color or set them to respond to sound) and a speaker system that can play audio from any source and for hands-free flushing via voice command through Siri or Google. Hey Google, try to flush that! The skull commode is available in any ceramic color or pattern to suit your fancy and is sure to be a conversation piece at parties. Now let’s all huddle in my bathroom and talk about the toilet. No word how much one costs though, which means they’re expensive. But I think we can all agree no price is too high for the opportunity to be sitting on a skull shaped toilet, pooping with the door open when your wife passes and you remark, “Hey honey, this guy’s got shit for brains!” You’ll be laughing about that for minutes.