Name Brand Hotel Breakfast Cereal Is A Lie

In news that shouldn’t surprise anybody who can clearly taste the difference between Apple Jacks and Apple Joes, this is a video from a hotel employee who reveals that the Raisin Bran, Frosted Flakes, and Froot Loops that travelers might try to convince themselves that they’re eating are actually Hospitality brand bags of Raisin Bran (same name at least), Sugar Frosted Flakes (very similar name at least), and Fruit Whirls. Are you surprised? I mean you just slept in a bed with stained sheets, did you really think the cereal at the free continental breakfast was going to be name brand? Honestly, I’m more disturbed with where that cereal was being kept than it not being name brand. Because it looks like we have bigger fish to fry than store brand cereal, and those fish are rats.

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