A glitch in the Matrix.
Clever Broadband Internet Commercial Imagines Glitches And Buffering In Real Life

This is a commercial from New Zealand fiber broadband provider Chorus, imagining internet glitches and buffering affecting a man named Carl in the real world. Some of those Matrix glitches — I think I’ve seen them in real life before too. Of course if this were a really accurate commercial featuring bad internet then Carl’s mailbox would be overflowing with sketchy boner pill deals and every few seconds there would be a popup featuring a hot single in his area that wants to have no-strings-attached sex but *winces rolling fresh bandage around ribs* in reality turns out to be a man with a tire iron who just wants to steal your wallet.

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  1. Deksam

    Internet was like that for sure like 10 years ago, regular high speed internet is sufficient to avoid 99% of it’s lag.