Oh yeah, that's textbook definition yikes right there.
Nope: Cliffside Swing Breaks Almost Sending Two Women To Their Doom

This is a video from a swing in Dagestan, Russia (elevation ~6,300-feet) constructed on a cliffside so riders can get a view of the valley from above, when one of the chains breaks and sends two women over the edge. Thankfully, only to a wooden platform a few feet below. They were then pulled up with only minor scrapes and bruises, and hopefully received at least a partial refund for the ride. Me? I guarantee I could have easily jumped past the wooden safety platform. I was always a good swing jumper at daycare. I also could have swung over the bar and turned myself inside out, but I’m not doing that again because the last time I did my girlfriend at the time left me. “They say it’s what’s inside that counts, and I did not like what I saw,” she wrote in her Dear John letter, with ‘not’ double-underlined.