I think it's broken.
Oh No: Grandmas Attempt To Use Phone Sign To Order McDonald’s

In I don’t ever want to get old news, these are two videos of grandmas attempting to use the smartphone picture on the signs in front of the Mobile Order Curbside Pickup parking spots at McDonald’s to contact the restaurant. These, uh, these have to be fake, right? Is this some sort of new TikTok challenge — humiliating your grandma? I mean if these women were able to order McDonald’s with their smartphones in the first place, surely they’re technological fit enough to know to use it to notify the restaurant when they’re there too. Right? Just please say yes, I love sweet old grandmas. Unfortunately, when reached for comment about the incidents, one of these grandmas asked why I never visit, and the other if her prescription was ready for pickup.

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Thanks again to JustA, who agrees Wendy’s would never do this to you.