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Oh Wow: Ukulele Orchestra Covers Blur’s ‘Song 2’

This is a video of the fun-loving Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain covering Blur’s 1997 woo-hooful ‘Song 2’ (complete with lyrics). Is it my favorite cover of ‘Song 2’? No. Is it my favorite ukulele cover of ‘Song 2’? By far. It is also the only ukulele cover I’ve heard of ‘Song 2’, so I guess it’s my current favorite AND least favorite ukulele cover of ‘Song 2’. Kind of like how my brother is my favorite and least favorite brother because he’s my only brother. He definitely leans towards least favorite though. “How is that even possible?” Whatever, Frank!

Keep going for the cover, as well as the original for reference/closing your eyes and pretending it’s ’97.