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Okaaaay: Man Adorns Fence With Thousands Of Broken iPhones

These are several shots and a TikTok video of Vietnamese man and “tech fanatic” Nguyễn Minh Hiền’s home fence, which he adorned with over 2,000 broken iPhones (mostly 6’s and 7’s), spending more than $10,000 on what absolutely nobody else would argue wasn’t a terrible exterior design decision.


Tiếp tục ốp vỏ iphone lên tường đây các bạn

♬ Coffin Dance – Dylan Locke

Thanks to DT, who agrees five bucks per broken iPhone actually sounds like a good deal.

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  1. Rob C.

    Well, that certainly a creative way fill in those gabs than using fake bricks.

    Question of the day is….are they REALLY broken or they wired into his computer inside so he can spy on people.

  2. Deksam

    If you ever have a broken iphone and come across a freshly concreted sidewalk, push it flush, face down in the middle of the pad.

  3. James Mcelroy

    10K on broken phones…I wonder how much his house cost.

    1. Rob C.

      Doesn’t look like it cost a lot. It looks to me more like a box with a lot of tropical plants. I’d say 10k.

      1. born in space

        so his property value is half broken iphones is what youre saying