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Orthopedic Surgeon Removes Rod From Femur By Swinging For The Fences

This is a video of an orthopedic surgeon removing an intramedullary rod (a rod inserted into the medullary cavity of a bone to treat fractures in long bones) from a patient’s femur, swinging a hammer at the thing like he’s trying to take down the wall separating the kitchen from living room for a more open floorplan. Damn! Is this the best way to do this? Beats me. Not nearly as hard as this doctor is beating that rod, but still. Of course when I had a pin removed from my wrist after breaking my arm the doctor just attached a cordless drill to the end of the pin and reversed it out, so who knows what they’re teaching in medical school these days besides how to skimp on lollipops.

Thanks to my dad, who was there for the pin removal and was just as surprised as I was to see the appearance of the doctor’s toolbox.