Not looking so good there, Navigator.
Personalized Glow In The Dark Video Game Life Bar Pins

Because it’s important to let people know you’re constantly on the verge of death, these are the personalized glowing life bar pins made and sold by Etsy shop CriticalHitShop ($30 apiece, or 3 for $60). Available in full life, mostly alive, and mostly dead varieties, they can also be customized with a name up to 17 characters. After being exposed to sun, the life bar will glow green and the name white for several hours in the dark. And, based on the life bars of the crew featured above, they may want to consider making a pitstop at the nearest space station and drop off the remains of their navigator and Jamie, because I don’t think they’re gonna make it. “No need to pay for their disposal, we’ll just jettison their bodies into space.” *saluting* I knew there was a reason you were captain. “The mutiny.” I’m still terrified every second I’m around you.