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Physics!: Guy Suspends Full Water Bottle From Edge Of Table With Toothpick

This is a video of Youtuber PetTheDamnDog (I’m never not!) demonstrating how to suspend a full water bottle from the edge of a table using a length of rope and three toothpicks, with only one toothpick actually making contact with the table. So is this how bridges work? No clue. You know I actually signed up for a structural engineering course in college, but– “Failed?” Never found the classroom. Spent that time playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 instead. “A REAL education.” Haha, you know it! *awkwardly hopping around* That was a sick 180 kickflip just FYI.

Thanks to Brian A, who agrees that milk never agreed to this.

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  1. SuperFRANK

    This is fake, you can tell because of the shadows or something? I forget what the kids would post over on the other website. Oh, I remember.