“Dude, that’s a… that’s NOT a Basking Shark Dude!”
Poor Decision Maker Dives Into Ocean To See Basking Shark, It Isn’t A Basking Shark

This is a video of a poor decision maker diving off a boat to get a better look at what he believes to be a harmless, plankton-eating basking shark. It turns out to not be a basking shark. Can anybody identify what kind of shark that is? IS IT A MAN EATER? Who just jumps in the ocean to pet a shark anyways? What a lunatic. This man should be locked up and the key swallowed for his own good.

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  1. James Mcelroy

    it’s hard to say from the lack of good pictures, but the fin does seem to be consistent with a basking shark…maybe it was and the guy was full of it, messing with his friend.

    1. Sardines

      I agree. Looks like a basking shark.