Movie AND a show!
‘Popcorn Guy’ Shows Off His Popcorning And Buttering Skills At Concession Stand

This is a video (plus local news report follow up) of ‘The Popcorn Guy’ Jason Grosboll, a concession stand worker who’s been scooping popcorn at the Corpus Christi Century 16 Theatre in Texas for over ten years, and does it IN STYLE. The way he layers the scoops of popcorn and butter — that’s a man who cares about making sure you get the perfect popcorn to butter ratio. I respect that. After all, a job worth doing, is worth doing well — that’s my motto. I just haven’t found any jobs worth doing apparently, even the ones that I thought were.

Thanks to my dad, who agrees a good bucket of popcorn can really make or break a movie.