*licks lips* Such tasty jams!
Putting Cello Strings On A Bass Guitar

This is a video of musician Charles Berthoud (previously) playing an electric bass with its strings replaced with a cello’s. The result is beautiful, it almost sounds like a harp. Speaking of — have I told you I pay a woman dressed as an ancient Greek to play a large harp in my mansion’s foyer during regular waking hours (11AM to 7PM)? Well I was lying. It has always been a dream of mine though. 24/7 harp music in your foyer — that’s when you know you’ve really made it. Sure being able to pay rent on time would be a step in the right direction, but baby steps are for babies, I just want to take one giant leap to the harp thing and somebody feeding me peeled grapes. Now if you’ll excuse me *furiously scratching $20 lotto scratchers* come on, rent money, don’t let me down!