Hoho -- is it date night or what, mister?!
Magnetic Tool For Cleaning Both Sides Of Windshield At Once

This is the already funded Indiegogo campaign for the WindshieldWOW! windshield cleaning device, which surprisingly wasn’t invented by the Slap Chopper/ShamWow Guy. The flexible WindsheildWOW holds a microcloth fiber cleaning pad to each side of a windshield with magnets so when you wipe the outside windshield you’re also cleaning the hard-to-reach inside. The cheapest version available, the Gift Set, costs $45 (retail $69, awww yeah but still) and includes the WindshieldWOW! magnetic cleaner and ten microfiber pads. Alternatively, grab the Windex and paper towels like people been doing for years. Me? I purposefully keep my windshield grimy so people can’t see in while …well, you know. “You pound six double cheeseburgers on your lunch break.” All the fast food trash is actually starting to overflow from the floor into the seats.