I've got the feeling this wasn't his first Dukes Of Hazzard rodeo.
Road Rager Slides Across Guy’s Hood For A Perfect Punch To The Face

This is an all-too-short video of some sort of road rage incident in progress starring a car passenger approaching another vehicle from the right rear, then sliding across the hood of the car and perfectly connecting a punch with the driver’s face through their open window. Obviously, Fast & Furious is furious they didn’t think of this first, because that was a SLICK MOVE. The franchise would be foolish to not hire this Monster chugging Kyle as a production consultant, because he clearly knows how to live life a quarter mile at a time. Or an 8-10 month jail sentence at a time. Whatever the case, these are movies I would watch.

@hoodx_ Mans just slid across the hood and clocked his shii #fyp #foryou #knockout #roadrage #funny #punch #hoodx_ #viral ♬ Inside Their Head – TT remix

Thanks again to JustA, who agrees that slide across the hood was an easy 12 out of 10.